28 comments on “Weekend With My Writing Gals–Why You Should Join a Writing Group

  1. Hurray for community! I don’t know what I’d do without my writing groups. Another place to find possible critique group friends is by taking classes at any local writers’ centers or privately, and then approaching anyone who has similar sensibilities. My close-knit group all started at a private seminar co-taught by two authors, and even though some of us never studied together, we all are part of the same big creative family. And I feel so lucky to have them!

  2. I agree with all your reasons! I love being a part of writer’s group. It’s significantly helped me. Sometimes when I write something it makes complete sense to me, but when I share it … it turns out it doesn’t make too much sense after all. I’m a member of three writer’s group (one online where we all met on a forum, one SCWBI that’s also online because we live throughout the Midwest, and one SCBWI in person).

    • You’ve got loads of writerly support! I’m SCBWI midsouth but there aren’t any groups near me. :( I know what you mean about thinking something makes sense and sharing it and then realizing it didn’t come across at all like you intended. Thank goodness we have people to tell us what’s up, right?

  3. Here’s a funny thing. I have just finished writing a book, which was written at the request of some publishing company who came across my Blog. I flirted with joining a writers group but I didn’t get round to it for no reason at all, apart from not knowing one. Now the book is finished, and I shared the writing of it with a couple of trusted friends, but that is all. Whether I was wise or stupid only time will tell, but I loved the writing of it anyway

  4. Weird coincidence, I hadn’t read your post but I did exactly that on Sunday! I went to meet-up to find a writing group, found one just recently formed and attended yesterday! It was good to be able to give and get feedback. As well as moan and lament with like minded people! And it is definitely motivating, I know I have to have something ready for the next meeting.

  5. Excellent points, Erin! I’d love to be part of a writers group, but I live in a very small town. I’ve had some luck connecting with other writers via Wordsmith Studio. I had an awesome critique partner work with me on my WIP, and she gave me all the stuff you described above.
    I’d like to join SCBWI. Do you recommend it?
    Happy fall!

    • I do! There are forums on the SCBWI site where you can chat with and meet other writers too. As an added bonus–unlike many other forums–they’re all children’s writers and most of them are serious about writing. I missed my regional conference this year (school conflicts) but I’m really hoping to make it next year.

      Best of luck, Julia. Let me know if you join and find it worthwhile. :)

  6. Thanks for the kick in the a–er, um…encouragement. I’ve been meaning to join a writing group for a long while. This is a great reminder of all the things I’m missing out on by not joining one! :)

    • Oh, yesssss, do. Going the first time can be scary (reading your work in front of a bunch of strangers), but once you get yourself there, it’s definitely worth it. It may take you a while to find the perfect fit, but I’m sure you will. Good luck!

  7. I love-love-LOVE my writer’s group! For all the reasons you mentioned and more. We know each other pretty well now, so they’re not afraid to call me out on lazy writing. I love that about them <3 The camaraderie is so key. Writing can be a lonely existence, if we're not careful.

  8. Such a great post! So true, we all need a group or a critique partner to point out those ugly tumors hanging onto our MS’s! :) The spot you ladies chose for your weekend looks positively gorgeous!

  9. This is a great reminder that I need to break down and join a writing group. I haven’t been in a proper writing group in years, but they’re so helpful. Thanks for sharing these great points!

  10. I love this post of yours!! I just started a writer’s group. We had our first meeting last week and will have our next this Wednesday. I think everyone should be apart of a writer’s group at least once in their lives.

    Love your blog. Just ran across it today! :) Keep it up!

    • Thanks, Devin! That is so exciting! I am glad to hear you started a writer’s group. Wow–that’s something I should have put in my list of places to find writing groups…start your own! Best of luck to you and the new group. :)

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