8 comments on “Agent Spotlight: Sarah LaPolla

  1. Love this posting and all of these agent spotlights you are covering. I will be in this agents opening pages workshop at the Backspace conference. Thank you for this great info. I think I missed a couple. Would you be able to list the names of the other 5 you have already covered. Thanks! Love this site!

    • Me too, Patricia! It’s so exciting to meet another person going. I will be in that group also. :) Laura Lee Anderson, another person I’ve recently connected with through the blog, is also going to be our group. She blogs at: http://lauraleeanderson.wordpress.com

      Feel free to drop me a line before the conference if you want: writerlious(at)gmail(dot)com. I’d love to see a friendly face or two when I show up! This is both my first conference and my first time to NYC.

  2. You would think at some point people would tire of vampires and demons. I guess I’m on the wrong wavelength for popular literature. LOL. Good luck to Sarah, and to those who she chooses to represent, though. :)

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  4. I had the pleasure and privilege of picking up Sarah from the airport when she came into St. Louis for the Missouri Writers Guild conference in April. She’s a delight and very sweet. Thanks for posting the links as it caused me to remember to sign up for her blog! Have fun at your conference!

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