11 comments on “A Little Writerly Inspiration

  1. What a fantastic quote. This is why the process is so long. You keep reading what you wrote and crave to make it better. You improve things and then reread it again a few weeks later and still think it needs changing. It’s so frustrating when you struggle to organize the words that convey the painting in your head.

    This is going up on my inspiration board!

    • Thanks Lauren! I do the same thing. I get a section (sentence, paragraph, chapter) to where I’m satisfied with it, then come back later and decide it needs reworking all over. *bangs head on keyboard* *goes for Ben & Jerry’s pint*

      Maybe it’s just our impeccable taste, LOL ;)

  2. Thanks for the quote. It definitely resonates with me, in terms of not being satisfied with my creative writing and yet needing to keep working at it to achieve my vision for it.

  3. Ah, terrific words for today–thanks! I don’t know about you, but reading a book that just sings is the greatest source of inspiration. Maybe it’s just a terrific turn of phrase or an emotion that’s captured with such poignancy–doesn’t take much to keep us writers typing away, trying a little harder. Thanks for the reminder today!

  4. I’ve been an avid NPR and KQED listener for years. I like Ira Glass. He somehow makes the mundane or even plain, come to life in his show, This American Life. I can’t say I can identify with each one nor can I sometimes relate. Frankly, he has some episodes that dwell on minutiae of people’s inconsequential quirks. I’m just relieved I’m not sitting across from him and saving to feign interest. But maybe in another part of America, it’s compelling.

    I find the insight about writing intriguing, almost giving me hope that I can write better one day. Like any craft or skill, practice makes perfect?

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